Friday, 19 September 2014


Settled on Baranof Island between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean rests the City and Borough of Sitka – a standout amongst the most inquisitive and picturesque places in all the world. Incorporating the 2,847 square miles of Baranof Island, Sitka is really the biggest city in the United States yet has just 17 miles of street and the people living there are below 9,000.

Made in 1799, Sitka was likewise the capital of Russian America and the United States  Alaska Territory till 1900 when the capital was replaced to Juneau. Sitka has a shockingly calm atmosphere for its northern scope. As a rule just 33 inches of snow falls every year over a 19 day period and just 10 days see a high beneath solidifying making this a perfect atmosphere for the rich downpour woods that covers Baranof Island.

Sitka is a glorious group different in regular magnificence and society. This group is our home. Sitka is the place we raise our families, work, play, and appreciate a standout amongst the most excellent, sensational areas on the plane.

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